Our Story

In 2009, orthodontic software veterans Ken and Ann Swinney embarked on a journey to change the orthodontic practice-management paradigm forever.  While “so-called” cloud systems were available, no one dared to build a true cloud system to run an orthodontic practice.  However, history was rewritten in late 2010 with the first customer in Woodstock, GA; one brave practice has lead to the tidal wave of cloud chasers across the country.

Fast-forward to 2018 and the success is nothing short of amazing.  The first cloud-system is leading the pack with over 1,500 true cloud customers operating their enterprises solely on the cloud.  Naysayers said it couldn’t happen!  Those naysayers are now chasing a new software leader in practice management.

With a unique vision, creativity, and a whole lot of brainpower, the industry has and will forever change, and we are humbled that Cloud 9 started it all.

Ken Swinney

Founder, Chairman, CTO

Ann Swinney

Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Reid Simmons

Founder, President

Brett Smith

Founder, Chief Revenue Officer

Management Team

Robin Norfleet

Director of Sales

Rex Preblick

Director of R&D

Lorin Voigt

Director of Client Services

Michael Holmes

Director of IT

Kevin Simmons

Product Manager

Phyllis J. Fernandez

Director of Training

Brian Finlay

Manager of Client Support

Chad Greer

VP of Marketing