Pediatric Dentistry Practice Management Software

Cloud 9 Pedo Practice Management Software

Cloud 9 Pedo modules add features to our flagship product to handle the unique needs of pediatric dentists. These include Charting, Fee Table Management, Detailed Claims Processing, CDT Codes and more.


Cloud-based software is available 24/7 from any computer or mobile device. All you need is an internet connection.


Always the latest software! We update your software in the datacenter for you.


Forget worrying about backing up your data. We automatically take care of it for you.


Say goodbye to expensive server equipment. Your data is hosted offsite in the cloud.


Save on both IT and hardware costs. No more expensive T1 lines or costly servers to maintain!


Cloud 9 Software is one of the few PCI compliant practice management systems. Although credit cards are not stored, we can provide an auto-pay option.

Cloud 9 Pedo Features

User Generous and Advanced Multitasking Features

  • Customizable Scheduling (templates available)
  • Built-In Imaging
  • Built-In Word Processing
  • Built-In Email & Text Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Portal
  • Automatic Credit Card & ACH Drafting & Posting
  • Direct Email Capabilities
  • Electronic Filing of Insurance
  • Electronic Statements
  • Check-In Kiosk with Locator System
  • To-Do Tasks List
  • Interoffice Chat Communication
  • Unlimited Responsible Parties & Insurance Plans
  • Referral Tracking
  • Patient Spotlight for Tracking New Patients

Comprehensive Imaging System

  • Speedy Upload from Camera or Chip
  • Rapid Download for Display
  • Image Editing
  • Alignment Marks for Gallery
  • Auto Placement of Photos
  • SlideShow Options
  • Annotation
  • Interface to most Digital Imaging Machines

Patient Spotlight

Tracking new patients has never been easier. With Patient Spotlight, we will automate tasks for your staff from the moment the new patient calls the office until they start treatment with your practice. Treatment Coordinators will love Patient Spotlight since everything is automated for them. No more need for reports & spreadsheets. Have a new treatment coordinator start working at your office? No problem, we can transfer all tasks to them so no potential new patients are lost. Doctors will love Patient Spotlight since they can see at a glance where the new patients that are ready for treatment stand. Offices can completely customize their new patient protocol with automatic reminders for phone calls, letters and even emails which can be sent directly out of Cloud 9 Ortho!

Get ready for more starts with Cloud 9 Ortho and Patient Spotlight!

Email, Text Message and Patient Portal

Email and text message appointment reminders are included at no additional charge with Cloud 9 Ortho! You can send out appointment reminders about upcoming appointments and can even send on demand emails and text messages to patients while you are on the phone with them reminding them of their appointment. Reminders can be completely customized for your office! We also include a patient portal at no charge so your patient can browse to your website and view information about their account. Soon they will be able to fill out all their health history forms online and even make payments!

How do I switch from my existing practice management software?

Switching software can seem like a stressful undertaking, but at Cloud 9 Software we work very hard to make it as smooth as possible.   You will be switching to the latest platform and the most cutting edge software on the market.  We will work hard for you to ensure a seamless transition!

Cloud 9 Software will provide extensive training and support for your practice. We also convert existing practice management software data.

We will do a thorough comparison of your converted data to your current data to ensure the numbers match up! All conversions are provided on a best effort basis.

Cloud 9 Software will bring over your previous ledgers, not just your balance forward. This will save you time by not having to go back and forth between your old software and Cloud 9 Software.

We have converted users from the following systems:

Dolphin • Orthotrac Classic • Orthotrac Office • Orthotrac Cloud • TOPS • IMS • Ortho 2 • Oasys • OPMS • AOS • Innovative Software • Orthoware • Orthochart • New Horizons • PerfectByte

Ready to make a switch?

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