Cloud 9 Ignite

Within the orthodontic space, the difficulty in reducing operational costs, improving sales velocity, and meeting patient needs stems from a lack of modern technology and the resources needed to demonstrate value and solve the right problems at the right time.

Cloud 9 Ignite

The solution: Cloud 9 Ignite, a customer experience management platform which enables your practice to generate more revenue, faster and more efficiently, by removing the guesswork from sales pipeline management.

Differentiate your practice from the competition by delivering more impactful, timely interactions to prospective patients. Super-charge your team’s performance through consumer insights, scripting, guided workflows, alerts, and reporting. Staff confidence will soar as your pending starts increase, days to convert decrease, and your team’s full potential is realized.

At its core, Cloud 9 Ignite is a tool for accelerating practice growth. The solution does this by providing users with a unique combination of tools which can be used by orthodontic and pediatric dentistry teams to deliver more impactful, timely interactions to prospective patients.

Cloud 9 Ignite quickly became an essential sales tool that saves time because it helps me and my team members get up to speed fast with modern scripting and understand which patients we should spend the most time on during pending follow-up to get the most conversions.

– Monique, San Bruno, CA

Ignite your Sales Velocity

What you can achieve with Cloud 9 Ignite


80% of buying decisions are based on emotion, then backed by logic.(source) Emotion plays a critical role in orthodontic consultations because it guides both engagement and decision-making. When practices capitalize on consumer emotions through Cloud 9 Ignite, they build stronger connections, cut through the noise, and motivate prospective patients to take action sooner.

Emotionally connected customers are:(source)

  • 2.3 x more likely “willing to pay more for the best products”
  • 1.7 x less likely to make purchase decisions solely on the basis of price
  • 1.3 x less likely to shop for the lowest price
  • 1.4 x more likely to recommend
75% of patients want to start within a week

Over 40,000 Cloud 9 Ignite pre-treatment questionnaires reveal that 75% of patients want to start within a week! (no change since pre-COVID)

However, fact is that the actual sales cycle was more than 200% longer for most of these same practices.

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