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9 Reasons to Choose Cloud 9

Date Posted: 05.31.19

The real cloud, a true cloud, and the most trusted cloud in orthodontics, since 2010.

Image by Achim Scholty from Pixabay

(1) True Cloud Application (beware of cloud imposters)

Other systems simply relocate your servers to a data center and call it the cloud. Cloud 9 is a pure cloud application that was built for the cloud from day one.

(2) Browser-Based UI (user interface)

Cloud 9 runs on a PC, MAC, tablet, or your smartphone. Eliminate the need for costly servers, remote desktop, boot camp, or parallels.

(3) HTML5 Design

Cloud 9 is created on the latest evolution of web standards. Just like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook!

(4) Anywhere Access

With wifi or cellular access, connect to Cloud 9 from any device, anywhere in the world.

(5) Scalability

From one to 1,000 users, Cloud 9 grows with you and is optimized for multi-location settings.

(6) Security and Disaster Recovery

Secure your data on the cloud with programmatic backups and minimize the risk of data loss.

(7) Cost Savings

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) with our subscription-based pricing model.

(8) Automatic Updates

You’ll never wait for an update again. Updates are automatic, and no IT assistance is needed.

(9) Customer Service

Cloud 9 delivers world-class customer service and support.

…we cannot say enough about how [cloud-based software] has changed our lives. We could not have worked at home during COVID without it!

– Heather Wyman, Cordes Orthodontics