About Cloud 9

Trailblazing for Over 10 Years

Cloud 9 Software, a Planet DDS company, has a humble origin story. In 2009, orthodontic software veterans Ann and Ken Swinney envisioned a future in which orthodontic practices could ditch their servers, locally installed software, and VPN lines, and run on a 100% cloud-based system. The first lines of code were developed on their living room couch and the inaugural customer launched the software in 2010. Blazing a trail for other orthodontic practice management systems, Cloud 9 became the first true cloud system on which to run an orthodontic practice. Now, with more than 10 years of experience behind us, Cloud 9 continues to blaze trails by providing the most capable and scalable cloud-based practice management solution to the orthodontic industry.

Our Mission

We exist to help customers around the U.S. build and operate the most successful specialty dental practices. Our vision is to be the leading provider of cloud-based practice management software and related services to specialty dental practices.

Our Values

  • We are passionate about our work, our team, and our customers
  • We are driven to deliver results and value
  • We are uplifting, supportive, and encouraging
  • We strive to be trustworthy
  • We strive to be innovative
  • We strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience
  • We strive to be intentional
  • We strive to communicate with candor

Built for the Cloud
from Day One

  • We have the most experience

    With over ten years in the cloud, we stand alone as the first and the most experienced cloud-management system in the industry. You can trust our combination of hundreds of years of industry experience put into in a modernized solution that gets the job done.

  • We have the most customers

    We’ve successfully deployed our cloud solution at more than 2,300 locations. We’re connecting single, multiple and large group practices faster than any other solution available. We measure our success by securely connecting over 18,000 individual users from all across North America.

  • We have the most conversions

    Expert conversions are critical to any software transition. Plan. Prepare. Test. Deploy. Our dedicated team of conversion specialists has managed conversions from virtually every system ever built. We’ll have you up and running in record time.

  • We have the most integrations

    Everyone wants complementary solutions to work seamlessly with their practice management system. Our secure connections (APIs) to third-party vendors provide the behind-the-scenes seamless architecture that keeps you moving forward every day. Take a look at our partner listings to see if we are connected to the solutions you rely on most.

Our Team

  • Sr. Director of Customer Success
    Phyllis Fernandez
    Phyllis J. Fernandez
    Phyllis J. Fernandez

    Phyllis Fernandez is the Sr. Director of Customer Success at Cloud 9 Software. As the leader of our Customer Success Team, she develops long term relationships to ensure our customers maximize utilization of Cloud 9 software features.

    With over 35 years in the orthodontic industry, Phyllis has experience as a clinic RDA, Treatment Coordinator, Financial Coordinator, and Office Manager. Phyllis excelled as an orthodontic software trainer for 27 years and led the Cloud 9 Onboarding Team as Sr. Director of Client Onboarding prior to starting her role in Customer Success. Phyllis was also an Orthodontic Practice Management Consultant for over 10 years, specializing in new patient processes to increase case acceptance, successful RCM management with a less than 5% delinquency goal, and marketing strategies to increase practice production.

    Phyllis enjoys spending time with her four daughters and two granddaughters. She has a passion for hiking, traveling, and the outdoors. In July 2018 she summited Mt. Kilimanjaro (the highest single free-standing mountain in the world: 19,341 ft above sea level).

  • Sr. Director of Business Development
    Kevin Simmons
    Kevin Simmons
    Kevin Simmons

    Kevin joined Cloud 9 Software in 2011 as the first customer support representative. He then managed the team until 2017, and subsequently became Product Manager. He then transitioned to Director of Product Management where he served proudly for 5 years. Kevin now wears the hat of Senior Director of Business Development where his focus will be on providing the industry’s best browser-based solution for other orthodontic and multi-specialty dental practices. Says Kevin, “Cloud 9’s key to success is definitely our happy staff and customers; I greatly enjoy working directly with our customers as often as possible.”

    Prior to Cloud 9, Kevin worked in multiple customer-facing positions for Synovus Bank, and after college he had the pleasure of running a sports bar with his family. He is now a husband and father of three near-teenagers. When his busy schedule allows, he enjoys playing tennis, spending time with friends, and playing his guitars.

  • Director of DevOps
    Hans Brigman
    Hans Brigman
    Hans Brigman

    Hans joined Cloud 9 Software in 2015 as a Senior Software Engineer. He then grew into being a Technical Lead in 2018, and became Director of DevOps in 2022. His teams are responsible for software development of the Cloud 9 Software platform, along with maintaining the infrastructure of Cloud 9.

    Prior to Cloud 9, Hans honed his development skills at various companies based around the Atlanta area in various industries such as health care and Fintech. Hans started his programming career at Northern Michigan University, where he earned a BS in Computer Science and went into independent video game development for a few years. Hans then moved into maintaining cloud based chat support and kept moving to various companies that presented an interesting challenge.

    Originally from Marquette, MI, Hans moved to the Greater Atlanta area in 2006, where he and his wife are raising two sons. In his free time, Hans enjoys dabbling in video game development, gaming with his children, and reading the occasional book when the inspiration strikes.

  • Manager, Customer Care
    Stephen Kilpatrick
    Stephen Kilpatrick

    Stephen Kilpatrick joined Cloud 9 in October 2021 as a Tier 1 Customer Care specialist. He was promoted to Team Lead in March 2022 and then Manager in August 2022. His unique background reaches across 10 years in retail, technology, logistics, manufacturing, workforce management, healthcare and contact center operations. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Apple, Target, and Walmart. Stephen oversaw the company’s domestic workforce management structure while working at Results CX, a Fortune 1000 company. At zenith, he was managing 19 accounts totaling $300 M+ in annual revenue, and 35 analysts. Prior to these achievements, he started at ResultsCX as a sales agent for SiriusXM satellite radio. Later he piloted a program that merged the global and local aspects of WFM into one role.

    Ever the learner, Stephen is now a junior at the University of Florida in Plant City. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Agricultural Education and Communication, specializing in Communication and Leadership Development.

    Always on the move, Stephen enjoys cooking, drawing, gardening, and spending time with his family. He loves to read non-fiction and watch documentaries.

  • Onboarding Manager
    Tiana Storey
    Tiana Storey
    Tiana Storey

    Tiana Storey has been with the Cloud 9 Software onboarding team since the spring of 2021. She is a certified project manager (PMP) and a member of Project Management Institute (PMI). At Cloud 9 Tiana leads the customer onboarding efforts and the implementation team, with the explicit goal of improving the customer journey. In addition, she introduces formal project management processes to improve efficiency and team cohesiveness.

    Tiana works tirelessly to improve the Cloud 9 customer experience from the initiation to the transition to support. Her personal goal is to create a positive environment for customers for the duration of their onboarding process and beyond. Says Tiana, “There is nothing better than to hear the joy in a client’s voice!”

  • Conversion Manager
    Lisa Whitley
    Lisa Whitley
    Lisa Whitley

    Lisa Whitley has been in the orthodontic software development industry for more than 20 years, and with Cloud 9 Software since January 2017. She currently leads the Conversion Development Team as the Conversion Manager. Lisa is passionate about the customer having the best possible conversion experience when joining the Cloud 9 Community, and works hard to achieve this goal.

    Lisa is a wife and mother of two, and enjoys spending her weekends with her family either on the lake or hiking in the mountains.

  • Kevin Simmons
    Kevin Simmons
  • Hans Brigman
    Hans Brigman
  • Stephen Kilpatrick
  • Tiana Storey
    Tiana Storey
  • Lisa Whitley
    Lisa Whitley
  • Phyllis Fernandez
    Phyllis J. Fernandez

Our Culture

Culture. Customers. Capabilities. Commitments. Cloud 9 is goal-oriented and laser focused. Our strategic pillars guide us every step of the way. Read more to see why Cloud 9 is a preferred place to work.

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Cloud 9 Partners

Our partners offer trusted products and services that complement Cloud 9 Software. Our partner program and API Toolkit provides one of the most favorable ecosystems in practice management.

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At Cloud 9, our first priority is the protection of your data. Adopting industry-leading safeguards, the entire platform is continuously monitored to keep your information safe and secure. We love blinking lights and our data center is always on, 24/7/365.

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