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Orthodontic and Pediatric Practice Management Software

Full-featured Software

Cloud 9 Software is a full-featured practice management system for orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, group practices, and dental and orthodontic service organizations. Advanced multitasking capabilities and streamlined tab structure improves staff productivity, increases user efficiency, and minimizes workflow stages. Cloud 9 includes imaging, electronic claims, electronic statements, auto pay/auto post capabilities, and so much more!

Accessible from anywhere, at any time

Cloud 9 Software is accessible on multiple devices from anywhere, at any time, while delivering all of the robust features you need to manage your practice. With a cloud-based deployment model that seamlessly eliminates costly upgrades and interruptions, Cloud 9 Software instantly boosts practice productivity and efficacy of patient care. Cloud 9 Software receives frequent product updates, always keeping your practice on the cutting edge!

Why Choose Cloud 9

Available 24/7

Cloud-based software is available 24/7 from any computer or mobile device, on any browser. All you need is an internet connection. Access Cloud 9 from the office, from your home, or on the road!

Always Up-to-Date

No more time-consuming effort managing updates on servers or individual workstations -- you always have the latest version and new features because we update your software in the cloud.

No In-House Backups

Forget worrying about backing up your data -- we have you covered and take care of it for you.

No Need For Servers

Say goodbye to expensive hardware, because you don’t need it. Your data is hosted offsite in the cloud.

Save On IT Costs

Save on both IT services and hardware costs. In the cloud, there are no local networks or costly servers to maintain!


Your data has never been safer than in the cloud. Cloud 9 Software is one of the few PCI-compliant practice management systems.

Cloud 9 Ortho Features

User Generous and Advanced Multitasking Features
  • Customizable scheduling
  • Imaging
  • Word processing
  • Appointment reminders
  • Patient portal
  • Automatic drafting
  • Direct email capabilities
  • Electronic filing of insurance
  • Electronic statements
  • Check-in kiosk with locator system
  • To-Do tasks list
  • Interoffice chat communication
Comprehensive Image System
  • Speedy upload
  • Rapid download
  • Image editing
  • Alignment marks for gallery
  • Auto-placement of photos
  • Slideshow options
  • Annotation
  • Compatible with most digital imaging machines
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