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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Dental Website Design

Date Posted: 01.18.22

With over 800 customers, Cloud 9 Software is the leader in cloud-based practice management software for specialty dental practices, including orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. Regardless of specialty, every dental practice has a desire to attract new patients. This starts with a strong web presence. There’s no shortage of digital agencies promising expert coding and winning SEO strategies for website design. Dental practices need more than a generic build, however.

The best dental websites share one thing in common. When they outsourced their dental website design, they hired specialist dental website builders with an in-depth understanding of the industry. This article considers why that’s important and introduces you to our top 10 agencies for the best dental website design.

Best Dental Website Design

Why Does Dental Web Design Matter?

There’s much more to top dental websites than functionality. The best dental website designers understand that how a website looks, feels, and navigates could be the deciding factor between a patient booking an appointment or choosing another practice. Creating a welcoming website with a strong aesthetic and the correct information and images is key to developing a solid and trustworthy brand identity. After all, many people have anxiety about visiting a dentist. It’s estimated that 36% of the American population suffers from dental fear to some degree. So making a good first impression is essential.

Best Dental Website Design: Considerations

Having a well-built, responsive, up-to-date site that accounts for search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility best practices is vital for any business. However, there are a few additional factors that are especially important when considering website design for dentists.

Emotional Connection

Emotional Connection

Building a strong emotional connection is vital because of the level of trust required between patient and dentist. The best dental website designs are therefore carefully crafted to ensure:

  • The color scheme is warm and welcoming rather than cold and clinical
  • Photo and video content is original and personalized
  • Patient reviews are included for valuable first-hand feedback
  • The skills and experience of the team is emphasized
  • Industry awards are showcased
  • Exclusive services and technologies are clearly explained

Ease of Navigation

Patients are often looking for specific information, so the structure and layout of your dental website design should be logical and intuitive so that site visitors can find the details they need quickly and easily.


Choosing a dental web design specialist means you also get expert copywriters who will use the best dental keywords for your business in your text, metadata, image alt tags, etc., to ensure optimum search engine rankings.

Visual Simplicity

Specialist dental website builders know how to keep your site looking clean and simple yet inviting. Overdesigned and cluttered websites overload visitors with information and options. The best dental websites are like the proverbial white swan – the coded components in the back end are paddling away as hard as possible, but the customer-facing elements look effortless, understated, and graceful.

What Goes Above the Fold?

The first information your site visitors see should be clear, relevant to their needs, and tell them what to do next – otherwise, they’ll bounce to a competitor’s site. Deciding what goes above the fold can be challenging. Dental design agencies know this and will work with you to showcase your practice philosophy while keeping above-the-fold information on point.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels


Contact information needs to be straightforward and easy to access to maximize the chance of converting new patients. The best dental website designers know that contact information should be listed on the first fold for quick and easy reference on both desktop and mobile views.

Top 10 Dental Website Designers

If you want to be ranked as one of the top dental websites, hiring an agency with expert knowledge and experience is a good idea. Here’s our pick of specialist digital agencies offering website design for dentists.

1. Optimized 360

Optimized 360 has launched over 3000 dentist and medical websites and maintains a consistent 5-star client rating. Their services require no contracts and come with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. They also offer advanced security, performance, and compliance services with plans encompassing SEO, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and social media management.

2. ProSites

With over 13 years of experience in the dental field, ProSites specialize in tailor-made packages for practices of all sizes. They claim their clients witness returns on investment of over 300% and benefit from a 29% reduction in no-shows. Their list of services includes website design, search engine marketing, social media management, PPC, and patient communication solutions.

3. Great Dental Websites

Great Dental Websites is a full-service marketing agency. Rather than using platforms like WordPress, they designed and built their own dedicated dental-specific software platform. They’ve launched over 900 websites, maintained a 92% client retention rate, and have won Dentaltown Magazine awards in 2017, 2018, and 2020.

4. Kickstart Dental Marketing

Kickstart Dental Marketing is an award-winning full-service agency and has been the recipient of several national awards and industry recognitions. The company brands itself as a different class of agency offering dynamic and innovative design solutions for modern dentist practices. A small boutique service, they promise quality results coupled with exceptional customer service.

5. Roadside Dental Marketing

Roadside Dental Marketing provides a range of custom dental website solutions that are Google-friendly and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines compliant under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They offer three levels of customization so that practices of all sizes and budgets can choose the solution that’s right for them.

6. Smile Marketing

Smile Marketing boasts over a decade of experience managing the online presence of dental practices. They offer a range of integrated marketing solutions explicitly targeted at boosting patient conversions. Their services include website design, SEO, PPC, and reputation management.

7. Protective Business Health Systems (PBHS)

With a client list of over 7000 dentists, the team at PBHS share over 35 years of industry experience. In addition to website builds, they offer video production, SEO, reputation management, social media marketing, logo design, email marketing, and custom advertising.

8. Rosemont Media

A modern ad agency specializing in the healthcare sector, Rosemont Media provides cutting-edge websites for all types of practice, from general dentistry to cosmetic and restorative consultants. They have a zero-tolerance policy on using templates, priding themselves on creating 100% custom designs for every client.

9. Geek Dental Marketing

Geek Dental Marketing is a full-service dental marketing agency with several SEO-based awards and accolades to its name. They don’t hold back when it comes to promises on service. They quote a 500% return on investment rate for clients, a 70% inquiry conversion rate and estimate their services can win clients up to 50 new patients every month.

10. Wonderist

Another full-service agency dedicated to dentistry clients, the team at Wonderist creates custom-built websites that come optimized for mobile and are SEO ready. They’ve been featured in many industry publications, such as Dentaltown Magazine, Dentistry Uncovered, and Dentist Metrics, and have a growing client list of over 300 practices.

Cloud 9 Partners: Specialty Dental Website Design

If you’re an orthodontist, Cloud 9 works with several partners which offer fantastic website design services for your specialty dental practice.

Rooster Grin Media

Rooster Grin Media was founded on the concept that they can be an online competitive advantage for their orthodontic clients. Their core services include Web Design, Web Hosting, Google AdWords,  SEO, Reminders, Reviews, VOIP and Online Scheduling.


OrthoLync specializes in web and marketing services for the Orthodontic and Dental Practice. They share over 40 years of industry experience. In addition to website builds, they offer video production, SEO, reputation management, social media strategies, logo design and digital forms. OrthoLync’s goal is to partner with your practice to increase online visibility, drive more business and improve your patient’s experience

Ortho Sales Engine

Ortho Sales Engine is a full-service marketing firm that creates mobile-responsive, user-friendly websites for orthodontic practices. Their websites are 100% doctor-owned and all content is original. No templates. No recycled copy. No outrageous charges for minor changes. And, for their retainer clients, they offer 50-mile exclusivity, so they won’t be working with your competitor down the street.

Improve Your Specialty Dental Practice with Cloud 9 Software

Improve your specialty dental practice with Cloud 9 Software

We hope these insights and list of top 10 dental website designers will prove helpful in your quest to achieve the best dental website design for your business.

As specialty dental practice management systems continue to evolve, more clinics are choosing Cloud 9 Software than ever before. We currently serve more than 2000 locations accounting for millions of patients. As such, it’s important to us that we provide the support and advice you need across all areas of your business operation.

Want to learn more about improving staff productivity, user efficiency, and workflow processes with our innovative specialty  dental practice management software? Get in touch today or book a demo to discover how we can help.