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Dental Office Names: Best Practices, Tips, & Name Ideas

Date Posted: 03.31.22

The importance of a good dental practice name cannot be overlooked. After all, the name of your practice signals what you are, what you do, and is an essential part of your brand. From the types of dental names that are most preferred to how much work goes into branding and marketing, we will provide everything you need to make your final decision on what to name your practice.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

The Legalities of Choosing a Dental Practice Name

Before we cover how to choose a dental practice name, let’s review the legalities of your dental practice name.

Practice Name

This is your legal name. If used with a dental suffix, it can include a professional title, for example, Smith & Associates or Smith, DDS. The practice name does not require a comma between the names; however, some state dental boards may only allow one business entity name per license. Be sure to check with your state’s dental board for their specific requirements.

DBA (doing business as)

Many dental offices have doing business as (DBA) names. DBA’s are used for a different purpose, however. A DBA name is often a shorter version of the business name. It may also be used if the business changes its name, such as changing to a new corporation or partnership. Some state boards allow more than one DBA name per license. However, some states do not allow any additional names. Make sure to check with your state board before choosing a DBA title.

Check out the Competition

Have you been brainstorming dental practice names ideas and found one you love? If so, the first thing you need to do is to make sure another practice isn’t already using the name. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • Start by doing a quick Google search! If other businesses are already working under your chosen name, it could be trademarked. Plus, even if it’s not trademarked, having a similar name to another practice can make it difficult to differentiate your operation from another practice.
  • Check the business database for your intended state of operation. You can easily see this information on the Secretary of State’s website.
  • If you plan on using a DBA name, be sure to review the Doing Business As (DBA) listings for your county. These listings can typically be found at your county recorder’s office.
  • Review the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. They have an easy-to-search database that can help you identify names of dental companies already in use. If your name is on the list, it’s time to start looking at other options.

How to Choose Dental Office Names

Choosing a dental practice name is an important piece of the puzzle when starting a new business. Talk with friends and family, do some research and go over your options. Here are some tips to make your decision easier:

What does the name say about the company? Does it fit into the surrounding neighborhood? Does it pass on any messages that you want your patients to receive? Or would you rather not be bound by these standards?

When deciding on dental offices names for your practice, consider how your potential patients will perceive this name. How will they react when they read it?

It takes two to three years to change a name. Make sure you have enough time to consider what the name means and what it could represent. Many new dental practices are not fully operational for the first two years.

Tell your team members if you want them to weigh in on dental offices names. If a member of your team has experience working at a similar business, their input will be valuable.

Be clear on what the name means and how it should be presented in the media and elsewhere.

Evaluate your business plan. Remember that this is a new business, and you have many things to learn as you go along.

Take your time when choosing your business name. Do not rush into making a decision. This can be a difficult process, so take all the time that you need to make this decision.

Make sure that everyone involved in the process is comfortable with the final decision. Once it is made, stick by it!

Catchy Dental Names Worth Considering

If you are opening a new dentist office, there are many factors that go into picking the perfect name for it. Keep these things in mind when you’re naming your new business.

A few examples of clever dental office name ideas include:

  • All Smiles Dental Practice
  • Happy Kids Family Dental, LLC
  • Family Smiles Dental Care
  • Smile Solutions
  • Pearly White Dental Care
  • The Gentle Dental Family Practice
  • Smileology Dental Care
  • Dazzling Dental

Choosing Dental Names for Your Practice: A Quick Recap

Here is a quick summary of tips and best practices for choosing dental practice names:

  • Pick something clever, catchy, or with personal meaning to you.
  • Choose a name that is easily recognized.
  • A dental clinic’s name should be unique to your industry.
  • Pick something you can own and trademark. Then, get a trademark for your company’s name. This will stop others from using the same name that infringes on your trademark.
  • Make everything related to your business reflect your new name. Your logo, business cards and stationary, website, company trucks, and any other materials representing or portraying your business’ identity should all include the new name.
  • Choose a name that fits you, who you are as a dentist, and what kind of dentistry you provide.

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