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Four Best Practices to Increase Your Sales Velocity

Date Posted: 10.12.22

Learn about the fastest route to more revenue in your practice! ToothFairy solves the five biggest problems facing orthodontists today: (1) losing patients to competition, (2) hiring and retaining talent, (3) winning new patients, (4) patient recalls falling through the cracks, and (5) leading and motivating teams. Join ToothFairy’s founder, Trude Henderson for a live demonstration of this new service which enables you to shorten the learning curve for new treatment coordinators, increase your sales velocity, remove pipeline roadblocks, and prevent lost sale opportunities.

ToothFairy live demonstration October 28, 2022

Join us for the live demonstration!

If you registered for the webinar were unable to attend, the recording is now available in Club Nine, under the On Demand Webinars category of the Knowledge Base.

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Trude Henderson

Director of Practice Growth Strategy, Cloud 9 Software

Trude Henderson
Trude Henderson is the Director of Practice Growth Strategy at Cloud 9 Software. Before her role at Cloud 9, she enjoyed a unique career covering 35 years in the High-Reliability Organizational (HRO) cultures spanning the healthcare and nuclear aerospace sectors.

After researching and applying HRO concepts to hands-on orthodontic practice management and then continually refining the process through feedback and continuous learning during her 10-year career as a dental consultant, ToothFairy launched during the 2020 Pandemic. The game-changing software was born out of the lack of modern technology needed to help practices demonstrate maximum value, prevent problems before they occur, and improve sales velocity.

Trude plays a leading role in driving the seamless integration of ToothFairy with Cloud 9, ensuring that the combined solution delivers maximum value for Cloud 9 customers. She focuses on identifying and operationalizing new product capabilities and services designed to promote the sustained growth of our customers’ practices.