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Date Posted: 03.25.20

Does your current practice management software allow you to log in from home easily, to reschedule appointments, view x-rays, and treatment plan while working remotely? In these uncertain times, you can be certain that Cloud 9 Software makes it possible for you to continue being productive while working outside of the office. With sweeping changes in the healthcare industry brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, many Cloud 9 customers have contacted us to say “Thank You” because their teams have been able to access patient data, reschedule hundreds of patients, and perform virtual consults, all while working from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

During this trying time Cloud 9 has allowed us to work apart, keep in touch with patients and communicate without the need for the old paper chart system which was probably an infectious nightmare.

– Dr. Dean J. Kiourtsis, Kiourtsis Orthodontics

Built for the Cloud from Day 1

Cloud 9 was built for the cloud from day one, and it is the leading solution for practices that want remote access and multi-tasking capabilities. When you’re on Cloud 9 your practice management software is accessible on any device with an internet connection, be it a Mac, PC, phone, or tablet. No desktop remote logins or complicated hardwiring needed. Practices currently on Cloud 9 can conveniently work from home with live access to patient data, images, schedules, charts, and more.

In light of the crisis, as most of us have closed our doors and are piecing our ways through it, I am incredibly grateful for [Cloud 9’s] service. My admins and I have all been working efficiently from our homes, in contact with our patients/families and each other. So it’s time to say THANK YOU CLOUD 9!!!!

– Dr. Dave Daniels, Daniels Orthodontics

Don’t Take it from Us

Take it from Trapezio‘s own globetrotter, Dr. Doug Depew!

I am gone a lot, and while I’m traveling, I’m still treatment planning, I’m still looking in on what’s going on day-to-day … I can even be in a different state, a different country, or a different hemisphere, and still be able to work on Cloud 9. I’ve worked on it in hunting lodges in Uruguay, and in airports in Alaska, without any problems at all.

– Dr. Doug Depew, Depew Orthodontics and Trapezio

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