Nimble & Adaptable to Change: An Interview with Allison Parks Hale

Date Posted: 08.18.20 Speaker: Allison Parks Hale

Allison Parks Hale, Chief Operations Officer at Parks Orthodontics, sits down with Blu Nordgren, Marketing Communications Manager at Cloud 9 Software, for a conversation about the operational changes necessitated by the pandemic, teleworking tips and options, and maintaining agility in the event of more mandatory closures in the future. Listen to the interview to find out why Allison thinks that “Sending [the financial coordinator] out of house has been one of the best moves we’ve ever made.”

Video length = 0:29:50

Allison Parks-Hale
Allison Parks Hale of Parks Orthodontics and Smart Practice Consulting
Allison Parks-Hale
About the Speaker Allison Parks Hale

Allison Parks Hale has a lifetime of experience in Orthodontics. As the daughter of an orthodontist, the specialty is literally in her blood. Allison graduated from the University of Virginia with a Master of Teaching and has managed Parks Orthodontics, now owned by her sister Dr. Meredith Parks, for 15 years. As the practiced has evolved, Allison has identified key areas of improvement and has implemented practical systems-based solutions. She specializes in rebuilding outdated systems, improving productivity & profitability and building on the practice’s strong foundation to provide an extraordinary patient experience. She has a strong vision for the future of orthodontics, and she is proud to help continue her father’s legacy.