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Rooster Grin Launches New Reminder Product with Increased Functionality

Date Posted: 12.15.20 Author: Jeff March, Lead Full Stack Developer, Rooster Grin Media

Reminders have become an essential form of contact for many practices, removing the necessary, but repetitive and time-consuming task of reaching out to patients individually for appointments. However, there have been limitations set around who receives these notifications and the scope of what they are able to accomplish. Rooster Grin partnered with Cloud 9 to help deliver HIPAA-compliant text and email reminders capable of confirming appointments. Tier 2 Reminders will be introduced in December.

Tier 2 Reminders seamlessly integrates with your system, allowing features that will open new doors for communicating with your patients. You and your staff will no longer be limited to pre-set appointment types. Now, a variety of texting options and customizations will keep you in touch about appointments and simplify marketing to your existing patient base.

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New Features

Custom Appointment Type Reminders: Tier 1 users of Rooster Grin’s Reminders are able to send out messages for patients classified for first appointments, next appointments, missed appointments, and recalls. With Tier 2, practices are now able to pull any appointment type from Cloud 9 to create custom notifications. You and your staff will be able to customize texts and emails for the day they should be sent, the content included in the message, and use merge fields that will allow you to automatically fill relevant information about the patient’s appointment (preferred name, appointment time, etc.). These Custom Appointment Type Reminders will allow you to send out messages that are specific to any appointment classification to ensure specificity in your patient communications.

Custom Group Messages: In addition to the Group Messages previously available in Tier 1, Reminders users can now customize group message fields to pull information from Cloud 9 to populate these contact lists. Once a group is created, you can email or text the group any message and then follow up with recipients individually. This is a useful feature for service updates, schedule changes, managing recall patients, and marketing endeavors.

Multiple Recipients for Reminders: Most Reminders systems will only allow for a single recipient for an email or text message. Tier 2 Reminders will let you select multiple recipients for a message. This means that you can ensure both parents or any guardian can now get important information on upcoming appointments.

Image Texts: Reminders users have previously been able to include images in emails, the upgrade to Tier 2 will also enable this for text messages. This is an ideal way to provide specific examples of a patient’s bite that they may need to provide before their next appointment, as well as other visual uses a practice may want to take advantage of with this feature.

Reviews: Although it is a separate service, Cloud 9 customers may also be interested in utilizing Rooster Grin’s new Reviews system. Similar to how messaging operates, Tier 2 users will now be able to ask for feedback from patients after their appointment. Our system will send them a text or email asking how their experience was; they are given the option to choose ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down.’ If they select thumbs up, the recipient will be sent to a review page of your choosing to leave a glowing remark. If they select thumbs down, the office will be notified of the negative rating. This ensures that your practice can address any issues the patient has while preventing negative feedback from circulating online.

What We Do

Rooster Grin Media was founded on the concept that we can be an online competitive advantage for our clients. Our goal is to facilitate better communications between our clients and their patients by promoting your brand, creating deeper relationships between you and your patients, and locating new patients.

We pride ourselves on customized solutions for each client. Every client receives specific andindividualized attention. You will experience our willingness to go above and beyond to ensure your happiness with our performance. In fact, we operate with the philosophy of constant improvement in order to continually outperform ourselves, with each of our clients being the beneficiaries of our endless progress.

About the Author Jeff March, Lead Full Stack Developer, Rooster Grin Media

Jeff March is the Lead Full Stack Developer at Rooster Grin Media, a boutique online marketing firm that was founded on the concept that they can be an online competitive advantage for their clients. To learn more about Rooster Grin Media, visit