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Braces Academy™ & OrthoScreening™: Finding Success in the Virtual Age!

Date Posted: 09.15.20

In one of the craziest times of our lives, it is incredible to see how fast people have changed their way of thinking due to COVID-19. There is a new normal that is changing the way we operate. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to provide solutions that are helping practices worldwide with the new normal.

We are thrilled to be a part of the Cloud 9 Community. Our products Braces Academy™ & OrthoScreening™, which are proudly Created by Orthodontists for Orthodontists, have streamlined patient education and virtual consultations.

Braces Academy is the ultimate patient engagement and education platform in orthodontics because it allows us to quickly send personalized text messages, photos or videos to every patient on the schedule.

– Dr. Mark Coreil, Coreil Orthodontics (Louisiana)

We rely on Braces Academy for hygiene instructions, proper elastic placement and virtually all other time-consuming patient education needs. We have used a variety of patient education applications over the past 15 years, and we find Braces Academy to be Best of Class. Sending videos, photos and personalized notes to our patients every day is the most effective marketing tool we have in the office. Braces Academy is a must for both small and large practices who want to grow in 2020 and beyond!!” – Dr. Mark Coreil

Dr. Chris Cosse founded Braces Academy™ over six years ago with the idea of launching a cloud based software that would help doctors by using Prescriptive Patient Education™ to send videos and elastic images directly to patients through text messaging and email. Braces Academy™ offers the following benefits to orthodontic and pediatric offices:

Easy Implementation – Start sending patients and parents videos the same day we complete your training. We know implementing anything new can be challenging. Our staff ensures your onboarding process is simple & smooth.

High Quality Animations, Videos, & Elastic Images – Differentiate how you Educate Patients with over 200 pieces of digital content.

Save Time – Simply clicking a button to educate a patient instead of explaining chairside can save 10-20 minutes of every bonding appointment.

Three years ago, Dr. Chris launched OrthoScreening™ (a virtual screening software) that is now being used worldwide just like Braces Academy. OrthoScreening™ provides the easiest way for current and new patients to submit virtual screenings via a simple widget on your website. It’s simple and effective!

Just Ask Dr. Charles Lindsey!

I elected to use OrthoScreening™ because it is so user-friendly, and you don’t have to schedule for a meeting…. In the four months that I have used OrthoScreening™, I have conducted 176 virtual consults of which 76 were new patients!

– Dr. Charles Lindsey

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