Cloud 9 Pediatric

Pediatric Dentistry Practice Management Software

Give your littlest patients the care they deserve with our Cloud 9 Pediatric practice management software. It combines the power of our flagship Cloud 9 Ortho product with additional features, such as Charting, Fee Table Management, Detailed Claims Processing, CDT Codes and more, to address the specific needs of pediatric dentists. Your patients may outgrow your care, but your Cloud 9 product is designed to grow with you! Once you get on the cloud with us, you’ll always be one of the cool kids… and your software will always be the latest and greatest.

We love Cloud 9. Everything is simple to use, and even if we have questions we can always call support and they walk us thru it or they have almost everything you’re looking for in quick links!

– Lisa Tarus, Hidden Smiles

Built for the Cloud from Day One

Cloud-based software is available 24/7 from any computer or mobile device, on any browser. All you need is an internet connection. Access Cloud 9 from the office, from your home, or on the road. Specialty dental practice management will never be the same!

We update your software in the cloud. As a result, you always have the latest version and new features. No more time-consuming effort managing updates on servers or individual workstations like other specialty dental software programs — we take care of everything in the cloud.

Forget worrying about backing up your data like with those other specialty dental software management programs — we have you covered and take care of it for you! All of our data is backed up multiple times per day to ensure maximum availability and minimum data loss in case of an infrastructure or cybersecurity event.

Say goodbye to expensive hardware, because you don’t need it! Cloud 9 is web based specialty dental software, and your data is hosted offsite in the cloud.

Save on both IT services and hardware costs for your specialty dental software. In the cloud, there are no local networks or costly servers to maintain! And we don’t charge a separate cost for hosting or back-ups — it’s all included.

We have a world-class intrusion detection application in place to protect against outside threats — it continuously monitors for malicious activity using the latest known threats as well as machine learning and anomaly detection. Your specialty dental practice management software is well-protected!

Charting and Treatment Planning

Streamline your charting and treatment planning in Cloud 9! Cloud 9 allows you to customize your treatment statuses. Track continuing care based on YOUR office’s needs and wants. Track and view conditions from the dental chart. Cloud 9 “smart coding” allows you to assign multiple CDT codes directly from the chart with a single click. Access your patients’ health history and prescriptions with easy navigation directly from the dental chart. And uniquely, Cloud 9 Pediatric charting allows for the representation of supernumerary teeth!

Cloud 9 Financials

Cloud 9 Financials

Elevate the management of financials with seamless integration between your ledger, contracts, and claims!

Cloud 9 Pediatric’s ledger allows you to easily adjust balances to help eliminate errors. Improve the efficiency of your accounts receivable and collections by setting up responsible parties for bank account or credit/debit card auto-payments via our integrated solution. An easy to use adjustment calculator will drastically reduce the number of errors and help increase the efficiency and accuracy of all financial reporting.

Contracts are intuitively designed to allow access to all patient and insurance data on a single screen. Effortlessly create and customize contracts to fit the needs of your practice and your patients.

Manage and modify your insurance claims in real-time within our multi-option claims queue. You’ll always know the status of your claims with the ability to quickly correct any rejections for resubmission.

Unique to Cloud 9 Pediatric is the ability to apply payments and track production by location and / or provider. Take advantage of our enhanced capabilities which permit roll-up and drill-down by date of service. For multi-specialty practices, you can operate in a single ledger while separating your financials by specialty and / or provider!

Text messaging feature

Patient Communication

Email and text message appointment reminders are included at no additional charge with Cloud 9 Pediatric practice management software! You can send out appointment reminders about upcoming appointments, and even send on-demand emails and text messages to patients while you are on the phone with them reminding them of their appointment. Reminders can be completely customized for your office! We also include a patient portal at no charge so your patients can browse and view information about their account, and even book appointments or make a payment.

How do I switch to Cloud 9?

Switching software can seem like a stressful undertaking. Cloud 9 will work hard to ensure a seamless transition through expert conversion, training, and support services.

Cloud 9 will convert your existing practice management software to the Cloud 9 platform. We will perform a thorough comparison of your converted data to your current data to verify the numbers match up! Cloud 9 also brings over your previous ledgers, not just your balance forward, allowing you to move on from your previous platform with confidence.

Every successful onboarding is dependent on successful education. Our Cloud 9 Pediatric trainers will be there with you every step of the way to ensure you know how to take advantage of every feature in the Cloud 9 Pediatric platform. You’ll be an expert in no time!

Post-implementation, if you do need assistance, our world-class support staff will help to answer questions via the telephone or email, 8AM to 8PM ET Monday through Friday.