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9 Quick Tips to Drive More Leads from Dental Facebook Ads

Date Posted: 12.01.22

Dental services are essential to maintaining a high standard of general health. Promoting your dental practice is crucial to bringing in more patients so that you can provide them with a five-star experience.

Facebook dental marketing is one of the most valuable channels available to your practice. With the world’s most extensive social network boasting 2.9 billion monthly active users, learning how Facebook ads work can yield massive benefits for your bottom line.

This article will discuss dental Facebook ads, why you should use them, and the best ways to leverage them.

The Power of Facebook Ads

Advertising online is critical to appealing to modern dental patients. Approximately eight in ten Americans say they get their information digitally rather than through traditional print and broadcast media.

Using dental Facebook marketing to boost your practice’s profile and attract new patients will help your dental clinic grow.

If you’re wondering why dentist Facebook ads are so important, here are some advantages to investing in this part of your business.

Increase Your Reach

Driving more traffic to your Facebook profile and website is challenging. Social media platforms have crippled organic reach over the years, leaving your Facebook average organic reach at a meager 8.6%.

Facebook ads expand your reach and hit a highly targeted audience. Increasing the number of possible patients you can connect with opens up more business opportunities for your practice.

Boost Your Engagement

Engagement is pivotal to forming relationships with potential patients.
Moreover, engagement increases the likelihood that your patients will remain loyal to your clinic.
Boosting engagement is one of the most significant challenges modern practices have. Today, the median engagement rate on Facebook is just 0.08% across all industries.
Dental Facebook ads are a proven way of improving your engagement rates, building trust, and driving authority.

Growing Your Patient Base

With so many dental clinics in most U.S. cities, you must figure out ways to stand out from the competition. Making people aware that you exist is the initial hurdle you must overcome to encourage patients to sign up with your clinic.

Facebook ads increase awareness and encourage patients to learn more about you. Even clicking on your Facebook page can yield reviews from happy patients that could trigger them to book an appointment.

Gain a Positive Return on Your Investment

Facebook dental ads require you to make an initial investment. However, Facebook is also the social media network with the highest rate of return, with current rates averaging 152%.

Dental patients make high-value purchases, ranging from regular checkups to orthodontic services. Spending a few dollars per conversion is one of the best online marketing strategies for dental practices today.

Unleash Your Creativity

Dental Facebook ads can be targeted (and retargeted) to hit people based on precise guidelines, such as where they live, their interests, and even their industry.

Facebook supports advertisers through its range of advertising options, including stories, video ads, carousel ads, text-based ads, and more.

Reaching your target audience in the way they want to be reached is easier than ever with Facebook’s state-of-the-art advertising platform.

Powerful Retargeting Functions

Another benefit that places Facebook far beyond similar advertising platforms is its retargeting functions.

Facebook remarketing is one of the most potent tools you have at your disposal for driving more conversions.

It’s no secret that most people won’t convert after visiting your website or Facebook profile for the first time. It can take several more exposures for someone to react to your ads.

The Facebook Ads Manager makes it simple to retarget visitors to your website and any followers you have on your business page. Additionally, you can create lookalike audiences based on the results of your previous campaigns to unlock new audiences for targeting and further retargeting.

9 Tips for Effective Dental Facebook Ads

Optimizing your Facebook ads for success is pivotal in drawing in new patients and increasing your brand’s profile. Getting your ads right takes time and a significant amount of trial and error if you’re new to Facebook ad creation.

Facebook for dentists can be difficult to get to grips with, but if you follow these tips, you’ll already have a head-start on any Facebook dentist.

1. Personalize Copy

Newbie advertisers often make the mistake of trying to copy an ad they’ve already seen. The problem with copying other ads is that it doesn’t say anything about your brand.

The key is to frame yourself as a unique dental clinic with its own personality. Use samples to kickstart those creative juices, but put your spin on anything you produce.

Segmenting your audience and creating personalized ad copy for specific demographics is another way to finetune your copy. Learn about your ideal patient groups to determine what makes them tick.

2. Feature Staff

All businesses are powered by the men and women behind them. It’s what separates one dental clinic from another.

Create a sense of authenticity by throwing out the stock imagery and featuring your staff. Show your potential patients who they are going to meet and who will be delivering exceptional care.

Crafting a human face for your brand improves engagement and memorability in the eyes of your target audience.

Producing videos of your staff doesn’t have to involve sales pitches. Show them having fun, engaging in social media challenges, or just going about their day-to-day business with a big smile.

3. Incorporate Video Assets

With dental Facebook advertising, you can take advantage of video assets to improve engagement. Studies have shown that video is the most effective way to generate engagement. Today, Facebook videos average over 6.13% engagement, surpassing text and image-based ads.

Naturally, video views alone mean nothing in encouraging people to schedule an appointment with your clinic. However, video views showcase your brand and encourage people to check you out.

Invest in some high-quality video creation solutions. You don’t need a high-tech film setup to create impactful videos. Even an ordinary smartphone camera and the proper lighting can create epic videos for dentist ads on Facebook.

4. Get the Timing Right

Timing your ads appropriately can improve your metrics and avoid untimely posts. There’s considerable debate over when Facebook gets the most global engagement, but the latest numbers reveal Facebook reaches peak engagement on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Of course, this is just a guideline. Your target audience may not be engaging, but it’s an example of why you need to consider timing your campaigns.

Set a lifetime budget for your ads instead of a daily budget to determine when your dental Facebook ads will show.

5. Develop Seasonal Campaigns

Speaking of timing, another smart strategy is to think about the big holidays. Switching up your ads throughout the year and giving them a theme can prevent them from getting stale.

The chances are prospective patients will see ads from you multiple times before they engage. You’re likely to annoy them if they see identical ad copy repeatedly.

Creating memorable ads for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and New Year keeps your dental clinic current and lets you have a little fun with your content.

Pair your seasonal campaigns with season-specific offers to sweeten the deal and tempt your target audience to engage.

6. Use a Variety of Ad Types

Facebook relies exclusively on advertising revenue to turn a profit. The world’s largest social media network has worked to provide an endless stream of creative advertising opportunities for businesses worldwide.

With Facebook ads for dentists, you can let your creativity flow. However, the first step is finding which ad type your audience responds to.

Carousel ads allow you to display multiple images at once. Video ads expose your audience to your staff, office setup, and the local area. Or why not try out Facebook Stories, which are temporary ads that provide content exclusively to your followers?

A/B testing is essential to making your ads work. Be prepared to spend to find out which ads are working best. Facebook’s advertising dashboard makes it simple for dental clinics to test out ads against each other.

Unfortunately, there’s no strict formula to show how dental clinics can instantly attract patients and make money. You’ll need to embark upon a long-term trial-and-error process to find your magic formula.

7. Target the “Recently Moved” Category

Facebook is widely known for its unlimited targeting options. One of the targeting options dental practices can benefit from the most is the “Recently Moved” option.

Most people who have recently changed locations will be looking to choose insurance agents, garages, schools, and dental clinics. Now is the best time to target these patients because you don’t have the uphill task of trying to pull them away from another dental clinic.

Raise brand awareness by creating an offer for new patients and targeting people new to your area.

Working with newcomers on the ground through traditional advertising techniques is a chance to create a warm welcome to the neighborhood and make that first impression.

8. Offer Something for Free

Everyone loves free stuff, no matter which income bracket they fall into. Offering something for free is a tried-and-tested method to pull in new clients.

Facebook offers ads can serve as a massive win for your practice. For example, you may offer a free whitening kit to any patient who schedules and attends an initial appointment. Remember, Facebook users can save offers to their profile, and Facebook will also send them an email reminder about their saved offer.

What you decide to offer depends on your budget. Some ideas for freebies include:
• Free toothbrushes
• 50% off their first appointment
• Free whitening kit
• Free mouthwash
• Free introductory consultation for patients new to the area

Your offer doesn’t need to be anything of high value. Consider what offers worth to your community and what people will respond to.

9. Track and Measure

Your Facebook ad campaigns rely on the availability of reliable data to help you make big decisions. Thankfully, Facebook provides a massive amount of data for you to factor into your calculations.

Take the time after every campaign to review your results and determine what worked and what didn’t. You should also have lots of data from installing the Facebook Pixel on your website.

Every campaign is a benchmark for the next campaign. Set aside the time to reflect and review alongside your team.

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