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Federal Alert Warns of Major Ransomware Attacks; Solutionreach Sounds the Alarm on a Phishing Scam

Date Posted: 10.29.20

On October 28, the FBI, HHS, and CISA alerted the public to what Charles Carmakal, Chief Technical Officer of the cybersecurity firm Mandiant calls “the most significant cyber security threat we’ve ever seen in the United States.” According to the joint advisory, cybercriminals are in the midst of an offensive against the U.S. Healthcare and Public Health Sector with malware which can lead to ransomware attacks, data theft, and service interferences. Alex Holden, CEO of Hold Security, says “criminals involved on the dark web were discussing plans to try to infect more than 400 hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.”

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Solutionreach Sounds the Alarm on a Phishing Scam

Cloud 9 partner Solutionreach is warning its customers of a phishing email scam.

States Solutionreach, “we have received reports that some of our customers are receiving phishing emails claiming that their services with Solutionreach have been suspended and directing them to a link to enable their account. These emails do not come from Solutionreach and you should not click on any links contained in them.”

Customers who think that they may have received a malicious message should forward the email and the full header information to

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