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How to Engage and Communicate on Social Media During a Pandemic

Date Posted: 04.21.20 Speaker: Brenda Ashwell

Join Brenda Ashwell of PracticeGenius to learn how you can stay connected–even while social distancing. She’ll provide insights on what content you should be posting right now, techniques on how to handle updates, and suggestions for projects you can work on while your office is closed.

  • Create content that will Inspire, Educate, and Entertain
  • Connect with Instagram stories
  • Grow your followers using contests
  • Develop engaging videos
  • Level up with TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter

Video length = 01:04:41

Brenda Ashwell
Brenda Ashwell of PracticeGenius
Brenda Ashwell
About the Speaker Brenda Ashwell

Brenda Ashwell is the Customer & Product Success Lead of Practice Genius. Brenda’s been in the orthodontic and dental field for the last 25 years. She enjoys working with fantastic patients, doctors and teams. She can be reached at