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Knowing Your Digital Marketing Math

Date Posted: 11.13.20 Speaker: Tom Feary

In Knowing Your Digital Marketing Math, Tom Feary of Neon Canvas discusses the key drivers of new patient starts derived from online marketing. He reviews vital key performance indicators, how to know if your marketing is working, and estimate your growth opportunity through digital marketing. Topics he covers include SEO, advertising, website design, ROI, and free tools to measure your performance.

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Tom Feary
Tom Feary is the Vice President of Growth for Neon Canvas
Tom Feary
About the Speaker Tom Feary

Tom is the Vice President of Growth for Neon Canvas, a leading digital marketing agency in Orthodontics. He is a digital media and marketing veteran, having led digital products and business units for media companies and startups for over twenty years. In his role with the Neon Canvas team, he works with practices across North America to identify growth opportunities through digital marketing tactics and strategy.