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Maintain Your Momentum

Date Posted: 10.09.20 Speaker: Michelle Shimmin

Everything you need to head into the fall of 2020. Don’t get lenient or complacent. Know where to capitalize on every point of contact, maintaining team clarity and the necessary level of accountability without the need to micro manage! Join Michelle Shimmin of Shimmin Consulting for a webinar that will help you master the skill of working smarter, not harder!

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Michelle Shimmin
Michelle Shimmin is an international lecturer
Michelle Shimmin
About the Speaker Michelle Shimmin

Michelle is an international lecturer, trainer, and consultant who has been in the field of orthodontics since 1990, working as a Registered Dental Assistant, teaching orthodontic assisting, marketing, financials, treatment coordinating and practice management. She is an effective TC who led her office to Elite status while only seeing patients 2.5 days a week, and this office is currently top 1%! Michelle travels the country and helps transform orthodontic offices on their systems to promote training, growth, and success through a comprehensive practice approach.