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How to Increase Patient Volume in a Dental Office

Date Posted: 02.05.22

Any business owner knows that increased traffic means higher revenues. In the dental world, that translates to more patients. That’s why knowing how to increase patient volume in a dental office is crucial, as it allows you to scale your business and reach profit milestones quicker.

Because many people associate recurring revenue with repeat patients, many practices place increasing patient volume fairly low on their to-do lists. And while patient loyalty is important, not putting an emphasis on finding new customers is a mistake. Plus, by adopting strategies to increase patient volume, you’ll also improve patient retention, therefore safeguarding your existing revenue stream.

How to Increase Patient Volume

So, what’s the best way to grow your practice? Find out with our list of creative recommendations. It doesn’t matter what areas you specialize in. These strategies will help with how to increase patient volume in an orthodontic, pediatric, cosmetic, or general practice alike.

11 Creative Ways to Increase Patient Volume in Your Dental Office

There are several effective methods of increasing patient volume in dental offices, and some work better over different time frames. The tactics you choose will depend on your goals and whether you’re looking at increasing patient volume per week, increasing patient volume per month, or increasing patient volume by year. You don’t need to use all of these ideas, but it’s a good idea to utilize a few to ensure you’re reaching as many people as possible.

How to Increase Patient Volume in a Dental Office: Online Strategies

If you ask any business owner how they plan to get more clients, it’s likely one of their first suggestions will involve the internet. These are the most effective online strategies to follow.

Company Website

Having a well-built and responsive website that is SEO-optimized is vital. Most practices already know that, but did you know 1 in every 5 people have a physical, visual, auditory, cognitive, or neurological disability that can make accessing information online difficult? By building an accessible dental website that accounts for various online barriers, you’re instantly able to access an additional 20% of the market.

Google My Business

Google handled over 87% of search engine inquiries in the US in 2021, so ensuring your Google My Business profile is up-to-date is well worth your time. Completing your profile is easy and free, and by adding regular posts and updates you can significantly increase your online visibility.

Choose your social media channels carefully
Social Media

Dental social media marketing  represents an opportunity to increase patient volume at a minimal cost. Statistics show the average American spends around 2.5 hours a day on social media. So being active is a great way to engage with potential patients. The most popular platforms include LinkedIn and Facebook.

Content Marketing

Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by publishing regular blogs, videos, and webinars. Video marketing is particularly effective because it allows you to show off your personality and develop a warm and welcoming brand persona that builds patient trust.

How to Increase Patient Volume in a Dental Office: Patient Communication

By communicating regularly and professionally, you can improve patient retention and increase patient volume through direct marketing and referrals.

Email Marketing

Create an email marketing list of potential new patients and send mailers with special offers and links to your social media accounts, blog articles, and website pages. To collect email addresses, you’ll need to use some kind of lead magnet (a freebie or promotion) to provide value and convince people to provide their contact details. Examples include a free consultation or discount voucher.


Patients want to be seen as individuals, not as an extension of their dental needs. With high-quality features like Patient Spotlight from Cloud 9 Software, you can send personalized welcome emails, appointment reminders, and provide patients with access to an online portal where they can view all of their account information.

Ask for Feedback

You’ll find increasing patient volume difficult unless you already have an accurate overview of patient satisfaction. Sending out questionnaires like Net Promoter Score surveys gives customers a voice and shows you care about their opinion. Plus, by identifying happy, indifferent, and unhappy patients, you can:

  • Pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Identify gaps for new products and services
  • Reach out to supporters for reviews and referrals
  • Address negative responses to prevent poor reviews or patients leaving your practice

How to Increase Patient Volume in a Dental Office: In-Clinic Best Practices

Some of the best strategies to increase patient volume begin in-house by providing excellent customer service, being professional, and well-organized.

Make Appointments Easy

Make it as easy as possible to book appointments online and by phone, and ensure patients have all the information they need from the first point of contact. This means ensuring your website is functional on desktop and mobile devices. Also, sending welcome emails that stipulate clearly which insurance policies are accepted, what documents patients should bring with them, etc.

Provide Exceptional Experiences

From the second a patient walks through the door, make their dental experience as positive as possible by:

  • Giving a friendly greeting,
  • Keeping to schedule to minimize wait times,
  • Providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing waiting room,
  • Making exam rooms as light, airy, and welcoming as possible.
Ask for referrals
Ask for Referrals

When a client thanks you for your professionalism or compliments your customer service, hassle-free booking system, or welcoming practice environment, then politely ask them to recommend you to their friends, family, and colleagues. This is a failsafe way to increase patient volume because research shows people are four times more likely to make a purchase when they are referred by a friend.

Use the Best Software

Using a state-of-the-art management system like Cloud 9 Software streamlines customer communication, improves accounting efficiency, and automates staff workflows. This shows your patients that you are professional, organized, and up-to-date with the best browser-based specialty dental practice technology.


We hope we’ve given you plenty of ideas about how to increase patient volume at your practice. If you need assistance with software solutions to ensure your strategies to increase patient volume are successful, then Cloud 9 can help. Our orthodontic practice management software is easy to use and is already implemented in over 2,000 locations to support millions of patients.

Get in touch today or book a demo to discover how partnering with Cloud 9 Software can help power up your business and scale for success.