Case studies

Village Orthodontics

Date Posted: 09.03.21
Dr. Bret Freedman

“Cloud 9 really checked all the boxes” for Village Orthodontics

On Cloud 9 since 2017, Dr. Bret Freedman is really thankful that “it doesn’t matter where we are. I can pull up my software on any browser, Mac, Windows, PC. It’s all going to run, and look the same.”

Dr. Bret Freedman: Village orthodontics provides orthodontic treatment to teens, adults, children.

Dr. Bret Freedman: So we started using Cloud 9 back in 2017 when we opened the office. Cloud 9 is a ubiquitous software, meaning that it doesn’t matter where we are; I can pull up my software on any browser. Mac, Windows, PC—it’s all going to run and look the same.

Brittany Quast: Everything’s laid out for you in a way that is easy for the front desk and the clinical. You can customize abbreviations. Say you want certain color codes, or certain time frames for appointments, when you make them you automatically have that put in the system.

Gregory Evans: Cloud 9 has affected my workflow by making it easier to page the doctor, because I don’t have to leave my patient unattended.

Dr. Bret Freedman: I would recommend Cloud 9 to other practices because everything runs kind of baked into the software. There’s constantly an inflow of new features coming, and they really listen. Cloud 9 really checked all the boxes.